July 24, 2007

Country fair time!

The latest Country Fair of Homeschooling is up and ready to go. Meg is hosting this month -- thank you, Meg!

And I'm a day late with the news because I've been busy with our real life country fair, now celebrating its 101st year. The kids and I were at the work bee on Saturday, at the exhibit hall arranging and tidying yesterday, and tomorrow I'm at the hall all day helping to accept and arrange entries. The kids are busy today with last minute Lego creations to enter, the boys finished their wood projects last night, the sheaves are tied and ready to go. The fair opens Thursday, and we'll be at the fairgrounds bright and early to drop off our pen of five chickens and Laura's heifer, then we race back into town for the parade, then back to the fairgrounds for lunch and the chicken show. And that's just part of the first day.

So I'll be scarce around here until after the fair. It ends Saturday night, then we rest and recover Sunday, then back to the fairgrounds Monday for the volunteer clean-up. Tuesday I'll probably have to clean the house and tend the garden. And did I mention it's still hot? Yesterday we hit 35 degrees Celsius, and I heard our province was the hot spot for Canada for the day.

And in between everything, I'm sneaking peeks at Little Heathens, which finally arrived in yesterday's mail...

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