November 21, 2006

Rose Levy Beranbaum has a blog

Go figure.

I've been a fan of Rose Levy Beranbaum's for years, and have used her Cake Bible as, well, my bible for about 15 years, but only this week I discovered her blog. And not only that, she answers readers' questions, just about all of them from what I can see. So if you haven't discovered it yet either, this is one of my gifts to you this holiday baking season, along with the advice that her other books, especially Rose's Christmas Cookies and Bread Bible, are as much fun to read as they are to cook from, especially if you enjoy the "kitchen chemistry" approach, which is especially handy for homeschoolers...

(Christmas Cookies also makes a very nice present this time of year, especially if you tie a cookie cutter or two onto the bow, or add in some pretty sprinkles or sugars. And don't forget to give it early enough so that the recipient can make use of it during the month of December!)

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