November 10, 2006

Poetry Friday: Grandmama's Birthday edition

We're leaving bright and early Friday morning, around 7 am, to take our 50 broilers to the slaughterhouse up north, so I'm posting this now.

Happy Birthday wishes to Grandmama for a wonderful day, a grand year, and a tasty, festive (chicken?) dinner!

Laura recited this poem the other year at the local arts festival, and did so well that she was invited to perform it at the best-of/end-of-the-festival concert and recital:

Afternoon with Grandmother
by Barbara A. Huff

I always shout when Grandma comes,
But Mother says, "Now please be still
And good and do what Grandma wants."
And I say, "Yes, I will."

So off we go in Grandma's car.
"There's a brand new movie quite near by,"
She says, "that I'd rather like to see."
And I say, "So would I."

The show has horses and chases and battles;
We gasp and hold hands the whole way through.
She smiles and says, "I liked that lots."
And I say, "I did, too."

"It's made me hungry, though," she says,
"I'd like a malt and tarts with jam.
By any chance are you hungry, too?"
And I say, "Yes, I am." ...

To find out how the afternoon ends, pick up a copy of the classic Favorite Poems, Old and New selected by Helen Ferris, Miss Huff's colleague at the Junior Literary Guild.

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