November 14, 2006

More apologies

for the sporadic blogging. We've been busy with homeschooling, farm chores (which take longer in the snow -- slogging through it -- and cold -- needing to give the animals more feed so they can stay warm), and other activities.

Except for having to say goodbye to our noble broilers on Friday, we had a dandy time in the big little town up north. We went to a few stores we don't have here, and found some more Schleich animals for the kids, including a beaver and a fox (I'd have liked to buy them as Christmas presents, but unlike the kids I can't keep straight what they already have). Also three amaryllis bulbs, one for each child, which we potted up yesterday in the enclosed hockey-puck-shaped coir medium that reconstitutes in water. And at the Home Hardware store while inspecting wood stoves, one of which Tom would like to get for the basement, I discovered an Australian stove that's also a baker's oven that I find very appealing; the only disadvantages, though considerable, seem to the price (over $2,000 CAN) and the fact that we'd have to go pretty far for any parts or assistance, given the complete absence of a North American office. Had a very cozy visit with my father-in-law's cousin and his wife, an older couple who retired to town several years ago and find themselves rather at loose ends without an entire farm to tend; on our last visit, on a very hot day in August, we found Uncle W. servicing his snowblower. But the highlight of the whole day was undoubtedly seeing a moose cow and her twins early in the morning on our drive north.

Today we have music lessons; tomorrow Homeschool Gym Day for the kids, when I'll slip out to get some last-minute things for Davy's birthday next Friday and a get-together in the evening to make (gah) Christmas ornaments (I'm not one to start the Christmas preparations or festivities before Thanksgiving); and Thursday a homeschool field trip to the RCMP detachment and a doctor's checkup for me afterwards. Sunday is the big weigh-in for Laura's 4H heifer, and she's pretty excited.

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