August 14, 2005

Worn-out words

I was folding laundry, changing sheets, and listening to Cross Country Checkup on the radio this afternoon. The questions for today: "There are about half a million words in the English language. Some say it's the richest vocabulary in the world. Yet we hear the same words and catch phrases over and over again. What words do you think should be taken out of use? Which should be revived?"

My nominations are
  • impacted/impact (which I can't stand unless it's in connection with wisdom teeth)
  • back in the day
  • goes/went instead of says/said
  • myself instead of me
  • the peculiar fisher instead of fisherman or angler. I always picture one of these, with fishing rod in paw
The host also asked callers for their favorite words. Off the top of my head, for how they sound and trip off the tongue, curmudgeon, lagniappe, fiddlesticks, muffin. What about you?

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