August 04, 2005

Rejiggering SOTW1

Because I can't leave well enough alone, when we started homeschooling and following The Well-Trained Mind, I had to re-order the chapters of The Story of the World, Volume 1: Ancient Times (SOTW1). Truthfully, it was much easier on the kids, especially Laura -- number one student at the time -- to leave the more strict chronology behind in favor of a less chronological, more regional approach. It's definitely not rocket science; I just went through the Contents section and grouped the civilizations in rough chronology.

Of course, as they say, your mileage may vary. You might want to switch Egypt with
Sumer/Assyria etc., but my kids were very eager to study Egypt. By the way, the Weeks are a rough approximation, too; we spent more than one week on some chapters (Greek gods took about a month here and are still a favorite subject), and other weeks read several chapters in the seven days.

Week 1: Introduction (How Do We Know What Happened?/What Is History?)
Week 2: Chapter 1 (Earliest People)
Week 3: Chapter 2 (Egyptians Lived on the Nile)
Week 4: Chapter 3 (The First Writing)
Week 5: Chapter 4 (The Old Kingdom of Egypt)
Week 6: Chapter 12 (The Middle Kingdom of Egypt)
Week 7: Chapter 13 (The New Kingdom of Egypt)
Week 8: Chapter 6 (The Jewish People)
Week 9: Chapter 14 (The Israelites Leave Egypt)
Week 10: Chapter 5 (The First Sumerian Dictator)
Week 11: Chapter 7 (Hammurabi and the Babylonians)
Week 12: Chapter 8 (The Assyrians)
Week 13: Chapter 10 (The Far East/Ancient China)
Week 14: Chapter 32 (China, Writing and the Qin)
Week 15: Chapter 33 (Confucius)
Week 16: Chapter 9 (First Cities of India)
Week 17: Chapter 30 (The Aryans of India)
Week 18: Chapter 31 (The Mauryan Empire of India)
Week 19: Chapter 26 (People of the Americas)
Week 20: Chapter 11 (Ancient Africa)
Week 21: Chapter 15 (The Phoenicians)
Week 22: Chapter 16 (The Return of Assyria)
Week 23: Chapter 17 (Babylon Takes Over Again)
Week 24: Chapter 18 (Life in Early Crete)
Week 25: Chapter 19 (The Early Greeks)
Week 26: Chapter 20 (Greece Gets Civilized Again)
Week 27: Chapter 21 (Medes and Persians)
Week 28: Chapter 22 (Sparta and Athens)
Week 29: Chapter 23 (Greek Gods)
Week 30: Chapter 24 (Wars of the Greeks)
Week 31: Chapter 25 (Alexander the Great)
Week 32: Chapter 27 (Rise of Rome)
Week 33: Chapter 28 (Roman Empire)
Week 34: Chapter 29 (Roman's War with Carthage)
Week 35: Chapter 34 (Rise of Julius Caesar)
Week 36: Chapter 35 (Caesar the Hero)
Week 37: Chapter 36 (First Roman Prince)
Week 38: Chapter 37 (Beginning of Christianity)
Week 39: Chapter 38 (End of the Ancient Jewish Nation)
Week 40: Chapter 39 (Rome and the Christians)
Week 41: Chapter 40 ( Rome Begins to Weaken)
Week 42: Chapter 41 (The Attacking Barbarians)
Week 43: Chapter 42 (The End of Rome)

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