August 18, 2005

An honest-to-goodness literary event in our neck of the woods

A real live author -- in fact, one the kids and I have read (and within the past year and for astronomy no less) and liked -- is coming to our library this evening for a storytelling presentation about stargazing and myths. We are excited, all of us, very much so.

Joan Galat is the author of the "Dot to Dot in the Sky" series: Stories in the Stars, Stories of the Planets, and most recently, Stories of the Moon. When we started reading them last fall, I was pleasantly surprised to learn not only are the books Canadian, but that the author hails from nearby Edmonton (and like me, she's a transplant from the U.S.). Laura loved the books' focus on Greek mythology, which had transfixed her the year before in SOTW1, to explain the planets and constellations. The pictures are quite nicely done too. Stories of the Moon didn't go over as well as the other two, maybe because we were using them for science and the kids were expecting at least as much science as story (the first two books struck an admirable balance, for us at least).

Blast off time is 7 p.m. tonight.

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