August 18, 2006

Poetry Friday

Inspired by the recent birthday candles, new (well, new to us) tea sets, and a summer full of vases of garden flowers on the kitchen table, I offer

Setting the Table
by Dorothy Aldis (1896-1966)

When the house is quiet
I delight
To spread the white
Smooth cloth and put the flowers on the table.

I place the knives and forks around
Without a sound.
I light the candles.

I love to see
Their small reflected torches shine
Against the greenness of the vine
And garden.

Is that the mignonette, I wonder,
Smells so sweet?

And then I call them in to eat.


Many thanks to MotherReader, who stepped into the Poetry Friday breach with the weekly roundup -- one might even say she kept it from going to the dogs -- and a review of a cute new kids' book in verse. And a special thank you to Karen, ever a kindred spirit, for finding the above so delightful and linking to this post. Now if we could just get her to join the Friday fun!

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