August 08, 2006

Carry on...

We're making the most of the last of the season, enjoying summer (and summer must be enjoying us, too, because we're having another heat wave). My sister-in-law and her two little boys are here for a visit, the garden is exploding, the chicks and ducklings and other farm babies are getting bigger and eating more every day, we made a quickie run to the to the little city (instead of a big trip to the big city) where we stocked up briefly on artists' pastels and anklets for Laura (but didn't have time to look at the also much needed bigger Mary Janes or proper sketch pads), and went here on the weekend for a fine old time, so at most all I'll be posting in the next while are some links and probably a poem for Friday as usual. But don't hold your breath. Eat a Creamsicle instead and run through the sprinkler.

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