January 11, 2008

Poetry Friday

No. 668, c1863
by Emily Dickinson

"Nature" is what we see –
The Hill – the afternoon –
Squirrel – Eclipse the Bumble bee –
Nay – Nature is Heaven –
Nature is what we hear –
The Bobolink – the Sea –
Thunder – the Cricket –
Nay – Nature is Harmony –
Nature is what we know –
Yet have no art to say –
So impotent Our Wisdom is
To her Simplicity.

Today's Poetry Friday round-up is here, hosted by John Mutford over at the Book Mine Set. Thank you, John.

By the way, John, who hails from Iqaluit, Nunavut, has the Great Canadian Book Challenge, which could be a fun way to spend the new year. You definitely have plenty of time to read 13 Canadian books before Canada Day.

And just a head's up that Poetry Friday will be hosted here next Friday!

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