July 20, 2006

Hello ducky

Some more good news this morning -- one of the wild ducklings just hatched, and another seems to be on the way out of its egg. Much excitement around here and marvelling at how very, very small our new housemate is. We'll let it dry out and fluff up and see if we can determine what kind of duck it is.

Tom had pretty much written them off, because we weren't sure how long the duck nest had sat without the mother on the eggs, and then there was the problem of Tom's friend, a machinery contractor, having to remove the eggs from incubator #1 and sending them along to us to put in incubator #2. All very haphazard. I had set August 4 as a deadline, allowing for a 28-day hatching period, after which we'd have to discard anything unhatched. Sometimes delicate things are much more forgiving than we expect. Thank goodness.

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