July 12, 2006

Drat, I'm it

I've been tagged by Frankie at Kitchen Table Learners for a "five things meme", and since I'm still feeling guilty about the unfinished book meme LaMai tagged me with over the Christmas holidays, I will indulge Frankie this one time!

Five things in my fridge:
milk (two four-litre jugs)
a large bag of garden lettuce
a large bag of garden spinach
some more rhubarb to be cut up and frozen
a thawing bag of shrimp, to be grilled for supper tonight (and served alongside the lettuce and spinach)

Five things in my bag, a black messenger bag with oodles of pockets:
My wallet bought in Vienna with my mother about 16 years ago
a little white piece from Daniel's Battleship game
a red bandanna
bills to pay on the next trip to town

Five things in my closet (and I'm just glad you didn't ask about my husband's, because I stuck a bookcase in there last year):
-- clothes
-- shoes
-- screwdrivers, which I keep removing from the boys' room and which they keep taking back; I could find a better hiding place, but then I'd never find screwdrivers when I need them
-- Laura's birthday present for next month from her grandparents, a second American Girl doll (Felicity, best friend of the Christmas presented Elizabeth) smuggled back from our holiday together in February
-- rarely-used fax machine

In my truck:
box of Kleenex (actually Scotties tissues, which don't self-destruct as much in the wash when I miss one of the boys' many pockets)
box of unscented, store-brand diaper wipes for washing hands on the road
extra pair of flipflops in case the ones I'm wearing self-destruct
Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds by Roger Tory Peterson

I'm not tagging anyone, so come play if you want.

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