July 25, 2006

Even more sporadic blogging ahead

The fair starts on Thursday with the big parade and runs through Saturday at midnight; the kids and I will be there for most of it, from riding on the museum's parade float to the fireworks that will celebrate our town's and the fair's centennials. Tomorrow I'm helping at the exhibit hall to accept entries (including our own, which fill half a dozen boxes -- the most unwieldy items are the 16 pint sealers of threshed grains and the 14 sheaves of wheat, barley, alfalfa, etc. -- currently taking up space on my kitchen floor) through lunchtime. Then I'll pick up the kids at a friend's, head home to pick up our rooster and four of his harem, and return to town to deliver them to the fairgrounds. While there, we'll probably help Tom set up the museum's display of vintage farming machinery, and help arrange the big display case.

We had a much appreciated half an hour of thundershowers the night before last, and for now at least everything is showered and dusted off. Not enough rain for the crops, but enough to keep the garden and our trees going for a bit longer before we need to water them again. And the forecast is predicting more clouds and lower temperatures for the end of the week, which would be nice as long as it doesn't get in the way of our day at the midway; the kids are particularly excited because two of them won free ride bracelets in the draw at the work bee on Saturday (they're not nearly as excited as their parents, who have to shell out only $25 x 1 this year).

I may not make it to Poetry Friday this week, so just in case I'll send you to Poetry Thursday on Tuesday for something new and different.

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