February 22, 2006

Who is your Jane Austen?

Of course, I didn't even know I had my own Jane Austen, but then I haven't yet read The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. But reading through the newly revamped AustenBlog with the elegant new JA font, I discovered that I do, and so do you. Thanks to Fowler, you can take a quiz to learn Who's Your Jane Austen? Many thanks to the Editrix for the link, and to Fowler for the fun and games.

According to the quiz, I best resemble the character Bernadette: "Like Bernadette, your Austen is a comic genius whose characters and dialogue are genuinely funny. You may be thought unreasonably attached to Pride and Prejudice. You will not be afraid to wear purple in old age."

Spot on about the book, not to mention my burgeoning inner curmudgeon. Maybe it might be best to disguise it under a purple hat. And maybe I should get around to requesting the book from interlibrary loan while the days are still chilly enough to need a cup of tea, or two.

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