February 23, 2006

Speaking of Jane Austen...

...this is going to be the soundtrack of our days for the next possibly very long while, and some of us are exceedingly pleased.*
Carl Davis's music is gorgeous, and if you aren't bothered by the fact that not all of the pieces from the broadcast made it on to the disc or that the piano summary is played a whopping five times (and neither of these is particularly bothersome to anyone who has watched the series over and over, and over, again and doesn't plan to mend her ways anytime soon), this one is a keeper.

The disc was a present from my father, who discovered recently that his music collection at the island house is, after 12 years, getting moldy. The simple solution is to swab the cds with vodka (not as sweet and problematic as island rum) and copy them into his iPod, and give away the actual discs. So we returned home with our bags full of weeks and months to come of happy listening, everything from Cole Porter and Ella Fitzgerald to Sousa and Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty.

* The others prefer a little more stomp in their music and have selected this instead.

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