February 24, 2006

Discovering The Edge of the Forest

Remember earlier today when I was moaning about the fact that for nearly a year, as long as I've known about blogs, I had missed two great kid lit ones? Well, I'm happy to say that in my desire to catch up with Chicken Spaghetti and Big A little a, and the rather coincidental desire to, erm, put off housecleaning for a little longer, I happened on today's birth of The Edge of the Forest, a children's literature monthly. Head over for Volume I, Issue I, brought to you by Kelly and Susan and four other children's book blog friends (links to follow). And there's also a call for submissions. Congratulations to all at the Edge of the Forest, and all best wishes from Farm School for great success!

Even Luddites can sometimes be at the right place at the right time, even in cyberspace. Or maybe it was just good karma...

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