October 26, 2005

Trick or treat

Trick: still no progress on the computer front. Though I did learn that Apple gives homeschoolers discounts (on iPods too): www.apple.com/education/k12/homeschool.

Treat: Tom and I are off to Regina, Saskatchewan (seven hours away...) this weekend for an organic farming symposium. I'm a bit put off by the thought of the three-hour soil fertility seminar on Saturday morning, but it will be wonderful to have almost three whole days together, especially after the fun that is a nearly three-month harvest... And of course there's the proximity to stores -- book stores, music stores, clothing stores. And the museum, where I think I might be able to find some fun treats for the kids in the shop.

Treat: Tom finally realized that he had to buy a new truck, and his 1978 pickup, in dire need of new tires and a new transmission, has been pensioned off. The replacement is a new-to-us 2003 Ford F-150, shiny black, the Lariat with leather seats (the front two of which can be heated if you press a switch), a six-CD changer, sun roof, and more. Tom offered me the new one, but my huge honking F-350 is more of a tank and so safer with the kids. What can I say, I'm practical to a fault.

Treat: Speaking of being practical, last year for our 10th anniversary I asked for an addition to the kitchen instead of, oh, a diamond ring or expensive trip. Tom started the foundation this week, hurray! It won't be finished any time soon, because it will be worked on in fits and starts in between the paying clients, but it's underway : )

Treat: Saw over at Schola that L. and her family are safe in the wake of Wilma. Relief.

Trick: Davy's passport application was returned, sigh. The pictures taken in town didn't make the cut, so we'll have to drive nearly an hour to the east to the nearest Wal-Mart, re-do the application and have our guarantor sign everything including photos again, and then go to Edmonton, two hours to the west, to take everything to the Alberta passport office, much faster than mailing it. Because the kid has to have a passport by January or he's not coming with us to the West Indies to see my parents. The good news is that this predicament will force a trip to Edmonton, where my laptop is in the hospital.

Trick: The kids keep changing their minds about Halloween costumes. At last count, I have a clown, a soldier, and a Ukrainian dancer. But apparently that's all subject to change, and often.

Must run. Laura's Brownies Halloween party is done, and it's time to head home. See you after Regina.

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