October 18, 2005

No news...

isn't necessarily good news on the computer front. Haven't heard from the Apple repair guys about the dead laptop yet and just may have to phone them in the next day or two (yes, the withdrawal pangs are awful, though I was distracted from them on Sunday by my bout of the 24-hour stomach virus, passed along by the kids in domino fashion).

We've been in town all day today, first the library book sale, then a homeschool field trip to the college farm where I got to cuddle a five-day-old piglet (shades of Wilbur), then piano lessons, and now while I have my free hour of computer time at the library, the kids are at the monthly homeschool gym day, playing dodgeball to a salsa soundtrack.

Tom's truck is ailing again, and I'm hoping he buys a new one by the end of today so we can stop this sharing business. Though I should be kinder -- last night he told me that my long-awaited kitchen addition project might start in a few weeks. Woohoo! I'm imagining a large box added on to the existing bowling alley, with built in bookcases on the east wall (with cabinets on the bottom) and a big chalkboard on the west wall, and a north wall full of windows.

Must run before the kids turn into pumpkins across town...

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