September 01, 2005

Back-to-school day in Alberta, or, So you're thinking about home schooling...

Today is the first day of school for Alberta public and separate (Catholic) schools, so in honor of that fateful day, two years ago, when Laura came off the school bus -- a two-hour roundtrip, by the way -- in tears after her first day of first grade (or Grade One as it's known up here) because "they're doing baby work and you have to go tell the teacher I know it already," an incomplete and highly subjective list of links from my admittedly short trip around the homeschooling block...

  • Chris has done a masterful job summarizing John Taylor Gatto's Underground History of American Education here. If you want to read the whole thing online for yourself, go to Gatto's website, from which you can also buy an old-fashioned bound copy.
  • Lynx at One-Sixteenth has done a masterful job summarizing Albert Nock's book, The Theory of Education in the United States, based on a series of lectures he delivered at the University of Virginia in 1931, here at her blog (part I) and here (part II)
  • Homeschooling for Dummies by Jennifer Kaufeld; much better than you might think based on just the title, series, or yellow cover

Nuts and Bolts and Links
  • Paula's Archives, a wealth of information and links, especially for the classical homeschooler
  • Rainbow Resource Center, probably the largest homeschooling catalogue in the U.S. Great prices, amazing selection. The catalogue is free and approaching the size of the Manhattan phone book.

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