September 20, 2005

Down for the count until further notice

My laptop died last Thursday night, so there won't be much blogging going on until it's fixed. I'm writing this from the computer at the library, and hope to get my laptop to an authorized Apple type -- the closest one is about two and a half hours away -- within the next few weeks. So there may be nothing new here for about a month.

On the other hand, that gives me lots of time to clean the house, read stories with the kids, go for walks (keeping eyes peeled for bears, of course), clean up the garden and plant our tulip bulbs, and can some more pears. Stay tuned!

P.S. Tom's brother returned home Saturday night. A sudden dramatic improvement, thank goodness. Looks like he'll need some speech therapy for a bit of a stutter, but other than that he's almost all back to normal, and fortunately his sense of humor is still intact.

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