September 27, 2005

Popping in...

I'm at the library for my weekly 60 minutes on the computer to check email, most of which seems to consist of deleting obscene spam at

My last week has included:

a six-hour long annual meeting with the organic inspector; I thought he was moving in. I promise I'll never again complain about the two-hour semi-annual visits from our home school facilitator;

thanks to on and off again showers, on and off again harvesting and a suddenly full septic tank, resulting in not being able to use any water at home for over 12 hours. Coincidence or not that we're reading about life at the courts of Henry VIII and his daughter, and how they would have to leave their palaces for airings out, and how ripe the elaborate outfits must have been? Yes, I appreciate running water inside my house, but only when it's really running.

our first field trip of the season, to the fire training school in town, which attracts students to its 12-week courses from all of the over the world. The kids had a ball.

mooning over the TEAC LP to CD contraption in the Hammacher-Schlemmer Christmas catalogue. It's $399 US, but I have hundreds of LPs, many of them from my dad's old collection (before he moved to CDs, which he found out this summer in the tropics can in fact go moldy -- it's the labels. Who knew?) and being able to transfer them to CD would be a fabulous, not to mention incredibly educational lol, resource.

starting SOTW3. Finally. Hurray!

Must dash, before I turn into a pumpkin and the librarian removes me bodily...

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