February 28, 2007

Hi honey, we're home

We arrived home on Sunday evening, and Monday was spent unpacking, doing laundry, moving the mounds of extra snow that arrived in our absence, much to the kids' delight, especially since a family friend had dropped off a snow saucer as a Valentine's present.

Yesterday we all jumped back with both feet into our usual routines (though I saved the return to home schooling for today): grocery shopping, music lessons and "Fiddler on the Roof" rehearsals for the kids, a lunch meeting for Tom with the town's Main Street rejuvenation program, and an after-dinner meeting for me, the Ag Society's annual budget meeting for the country fair. Tom was supposed to come to the latter as well, but I promised to take good notes and not volunteer him for anything else so he could stay home with the kids and get them in bed early. Tonight I have a library board meeting, and then we should have clear sailing until we go listen to the 4H district public speaking event on Sunday.

I'll post some photos from our trip shortly, and then I have to switch over to my new Mac Mini.

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