February 07, 2007

Ciao to the Chick

I get kind of nervous when military family types say things like "I hate to drop a bomb like this...but...".

Jill, aka The Crib Chick, has decided to stop posting to both of her blogs (here and here),
When I started this blog, almost two years ago, it was a sort of extension of our circumstances; new location, new place in life.

Now, the ending of it is much the same. Different time in life, different commitments, different needs.
I understand completely, but I still feel all sniffly. The Crib Chick has been on the blogroll at right since I started blogging, and on my list of favorite reads even longer. I don't know whether she plans to zap the blogs or just discontinue posting, so you might want to sashay over and catch up if you're not already a fan, before any possible zapping. Breezy, wisecracking, homeschooling, hip, and always full of heart, she -- and her adventures with her family -- will be missed. Thank you for sharing your family, your friendship, and the books and movies in your life (and my boys will thank you forever for The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library).

Great good luck, CC, to you, Mr. Crib Chick, and the Peeps in your new place in life...

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