June 30, 2006


First, we are done, done, done with Swim Club. Yes, the kids had great fun with ready access to a pool, their swimming improved tremendously, they loved wearing swim caps and goggles, and they adored swimming races and winning. But we don't have to be in town four evenings a week any more, and the two older kids don't have to do laps for an hour and a half every day. Yesterday was the last day, and we finished up with a barbecue potluck dinner for all the families at the provincial park.

Second, it rained this evening, just before supper. After a windy, drying week of temperatures around 90 degrees, and not much in the way of precipitation since the middle of the month, yoou could just about hear the garden heave a sigh.

Everyone and everything is having a bit of a rest this evening, appreciating the wet and quiet.

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