February 24, 2006

A new discovery (er, make that two!)

While writing yesterday's poetry entry, I did some Googling and ran across a new-to-me blog, dedicated to one of this household's consuming passions, children's literature. Kelly's Big A little a has lots of yummy things, including book reviews from around the world and some wonderful links.

I was especially glad to find Kelly's post on the Royal Society of Literature's "children's canon" of top-ten books for schoolchildren, which I had read about in the little (formerly British) island weekly, but that was mostly a garbled press release, and I never had a chance while there to follow up on it. Scroll down to the bottom of the Guardian article for the lists by J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, and, for the second day in a row here at Farm School, Andrew Motion.

Update: I was going through Kelly's blogroll and am now wondering how on earth in the last year (okay, 11 months) since I discovered blogs have I missed Susan at Chicken Spaghetti? But just in time to learn that Susan will be hosting the second Carnival of Children's Literature. The deadline is March 3rd, so you still have time to hurry over.

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