August 13, 2007

Thinking, thanking, rocking, and procrastinating

Now that we're into the second half of the year and school is looming (I'm fairly certain the next month will zip by, especially with the kids at performing arts day camp and Laura's birthday celebrations this week, not to mention the ongoing garden harvest, and farm harvest in the forseeable future), I think I had better acknowledge all of the tags and incredibly kind words of the last while. I think it was Lissa in her Lilting House, Karen Edmisten, and Red Molly at The Picayune-Democrat -- thank you, each of you, very kindly -- who each tapped me as a Thinking Blogger, though I think Procrastinating Blogger is more apt. And part of that procrastination, I think, has been because I find the TB logo just a wee bit creepy (is it just me?).

And thanks to Rebecca at IPSA DIXIT who tagged me as a blogger girl who rocks, and now, after you've all made me blush deeply with your very kind words, it's my turn to return the favor.

I'm not going to tag so much as list (in part because at least one of these women has no idea who I am). So, aside from the entire blogroll at right, all of whom rock, swing, bop, and make me think, here are some blogging, thoughtful hepcats I've discovered recently, all of whom are clever, creative, warm, giving, funny, sensible:

Reluctant Memsahib

Carol at You're Not Lost, You're Here

Miranda at Nurtured by Love

Red Molly at the Picayune-Democrat

Rebecca at IPSA DIXIT

as well as two old blogging friends, each on a hiatus of sorts:

La Maitresse, whose blog came to an end as the home school journey did; she promises a new blog next month, so stay tuned

and Karen at lightingthefires, whose blog is private at the moment.

I've got brass in pocket and will be walking on sunshine for the rest of the summer -- thanks to everyone!

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