August 08, 2007

Homemade gift exchange

Via JoVE at Tricotomania, via Kim at Relaxed Homeskool, a homemade gift exchange meme, because I can't possibly resist the promise of a homemade gift from the self-styled Tricotomaniac.

Here are the slightly abbreviated rules from Kim's blog:

If you are one of the first three commenters on this post, then you are in. I send you a homemade gift sometime, er, soon. When inspiration and time collide for me (usually 2am). In return, you go to your blog and make the same offer. So, you’ll be making 3 things and receiving one.

FAQs here at Kim's post.

I will warn you mention that I am decidedly not a home schooling knitting mother, or even a knitting home school mother. I don't sew, either, and unlike JoVE I'm not particularly inclined to mail anyone homemade pickles; I'm still scarred from a childhood vacation involving a leaky bottle of Croatian olive oil, a suitcase, a transatlantic flight, and a surprised customs officer. In fact, I reserve the right to press my artistic and crafty children into service, and to turn the homemade gift project into a back-to-home school project once we get going next month.

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