October 20, 2006

Two down, one to go

Halloween planning is in full swing around here, and two out of three kids have their costumes decided upon, which means they haven't changed their minds for whopping three days in a row: Harpo Marx (Daniel), and a jester (Davy). Daniel put his outfit together with a $2 yellow clown wig and a $1.50 plastic top hat, both from the drugstore,and one of his father's jackets, and if I'm feeling generous I just might spring for a bicycle horn from the hardware store. Davy's costume, complete with hat, was discovered at the Goodwill shop for $10, and is lovely. Just needs some more jingle bells around the collar, wrists, and ankles. Laura is considering Little Red Riding Hood, but the jury's still out.

We have two pumpkins in the house, both on the small side, and will probably pick up something bigger and carveable next week. Along with a stash of candy corn and tiny Hershey bars, since we're foregoing trick-or-treating for the first time ever in favor of a party at our friends' soon-to-be very spooky house.

I had no idea that you could find noncarveable Lego pumpkins, which are rather cute.

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