September 06, 2006

Still here but busy with harvest and back to school,

or, more appropriately, back to the kitchen table and extracurricular activities like piano lessons (with an exciting new teacher), etc.

Today the field trip is to the corrals, to watch Dad and his hired man move the secondhand grain bins -- needed for the new harvest -- from their old home to their new one. Requires bin lifters, giant trolleys, and various other fun stuff.

Last year at this time I wrote this; I'll see if I can update it a bit with some more resources, and if/when I do, I'll let you know. Also good for this time of year are this and this, for last year's International Literacy Day (if I had the time, which I don't, I'd look up the date of this year's celebration); and ditto on the updates. Reruns are all I can manage right now, especially while the sun is still shining and the mercury is, unusually enough, near ninety.

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