January 13, 2006

Vote early (if not often)

If you're Canadian, you can start voting today in the federal general election. Go Green, enjoy your ability to vote socialist with the NDP (Tommy Douglas lives, well, sort of), give the Liberals a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, or try to the keep the Conservatives on the back benches. Just vote. The kids and I are off today after lunch -- polls open in town at the Seniors' Centre at noon -- so I can perform my civic duty and pick up some more packing tape.

And if you're not Canadian and still want to vote, the polls are now open over at the Best of Blogs (BoB). While I'm new to blogging -- both the reading and writing of -- and I haven't heard of most of the nominees, which can only bode well for my ability to get other things done around the house, there are some terrific writers out there. In between travel stuff, I've been enjoying working my way through the food blogs, all of which are new to me.

Speaking of which, I'll have to nominate Stingy Scholar next year. He's had a couple of great links in the past few days, perfect for homeschooly types -- King Arthur Resources and today's Textkit for Latin and Greek. Thanks, SS.

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