January 12, 2006

Mixed bag o' links

With apologies, because I have time only for links, and not all of them, right now:

According to The Sacramento Bee earlier this week, It's Hip to Be Gramatically Correct. Doesn't that make you feel better? Reporter Gina Kim wonders if the "language-maven type: the one with a sharp pencil in her bun who gasps in horror at misspelled words and corrects the grammar of strangers" is becoming cool, nay, hip. Proof? The success the other year of Eats, Shoots & Leaves and the recent publication of the illustrated Elements of Style by Strunk & White and the newly revised Woe Is I by Patricia O'Conner (and I'd be happy for some kind of review/comparison that would let me know why/whether I really need a second edition on my shelves). Tom will be happiest about this quote, "I think people who use grammar correctly are sexy because it means they're smart." And for other self-styled grammar cops out there, there's a test at the end of the article to enjoy.

And it's Carnival time, not just in the Caribbean. Second week of Carnival of Unschooling over here at Atypical Homeschool (Melissa's wonderful Tidal Schooling article, recommended here yesterday, made it over there in the nick of time). And another Carnival, this one the Carnival of Homeschooling over at Henry and Janine Cates' blog, Why Homeschool. I suggested an article (not mine, but one on Bean Dip on the never apologize/never explain/never defend philosophy I tend to follow with unbelievers) for the first one but never had a chance to mention it here. Thanks and congratulations to the Cateses and Ron and Andrea.

George Will on Ed Schools vs. Education over here, though I think his concerns are the tip of a very big iceberg.

Back to the feather duster, the industrial-size garbage can, and the clean sheets (or as Daniel said earlier today on seeing his room, "Wow, Mom, it looks like we're moving, not going on vacation!")...

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