November 11, 2005

Confessions of an idiotic Luddite

I don't know whether I should blame my recent computer woes on being an idiot or a Luddite, so maybe I should claim both. The good news is there was no "hard drive" or "hard disc" failure as my father had feared. Instead, I was out of self-imposed commission because in the heat of editing and rewriting an article on homeschooling for a friend much too late at night, one of my fingers apparently grazed the F7 key, which on my PowerBook is the "spanning" key, used by those of us with external monitors (unlike the graphic designers and gaming types whose advanced computer skills require these monitors, I got my monitor last spring when the screen on my laptop gave out and I refused to pay the $800 to replace it).

Reminds me of all those chimps sitting at typewriters in the hopes of cranking out a Shakespearean sentence, except in reverse.

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