August 08, 2007

Artists in residence

I had to take some of the kids' artwork out of frames to exhibit at the fair, so thought I'd take the opportunity to photograph a few of the paintings to send to my parents and post here.

The two watercolors -- Daniel's rabbit and Laura's hummingbird -- were in the same category, and were the only entries in the youth section to tie for first place. I thought they were beautiful when I received them for Mother's Day, and now I'm even more delighted and proud of the kids.

Hummingbird and fuschia, watercolor with pen and ink, by Laura (age nine and a half); the background is watercolor paint blown with a drinking straw

Resting rabbit, watercolor, by Daniel (age eight); background done in the same way as hummingbird painting

Bluebird on a fence, acrylic on canvas, by Daniel (earlier in the Spring, before he turned eight)

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