November 03, 2007

Semicolon's November Recipe Round Up

Sherry at Semicolon has put out a call for a Recipe Round Up she'll be hosting later this month, on Wednesday the 14th. As Sherry explains,
The November Recipe Round-up count down begins here and now! The category is Holiday Recipes, and I’m specifically looking for those special Thanksgiving and Christmas and Hannukah recipes that make your family’s celebration a little richer and those that get you all into the holiday spirit.

The date of the Round-up is Wednesday, November 14. Just post your recipe on your blog and then add the address URL of your post to the Mr. Linky below. Old posted recipes are welcome, too, as long as they fit the category. Please link back to this post so that others can know about the round-up and add their holiday favorites. Also, feel free to add links to recipes posted on other people’s blogs as well as your own. If you have a good recipe that fits the category of holiday recipes, but you don’t have a blog, email it to me or leave it in the comment of this post and I’ll post it right here for you on the day of the round up.

Look for the complete collection of holiday recipes to be posted here by 10 PM on the 14th.

As Sherry writes, Mr. Linky is already set up, so you have no excuses not to start thumbing through your favorite family recipes. Thanks, Sherry!

UPDATED to add: I read the fine blue print at the bottom of Sherry's post and learned that this month's Holiday Recipe Round Up is in fact part of the established Recipe Round Up; you can read all about it at the Recipe Round Up Information Page at Rebecca Writes. And just so you know, next month -- that would be December already -- Rebecca will be hosting a Recipe Round Up featuring "cookies and such-like". Mmmmm....

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