January 01, 2007

Happy New Year [aka the Cybils shortlists are here!]

So happy new year, happy sledding, and happy reading ahead!

We're off sledding today with friends from out of town, so in the meantime I'll point you toward the Cybils website, where the five finalists for each of the children's literature categories are being posted today. First up -- Poetry!

It was a pleasure and an honor, not to mention a lot of hair-tearing hard work, to serve on the poetry nominating panel alongside Bruce, eisha, Elaine, and Sylvia, and under the able stewardship of Susan. And we had nowhere near the number of books to consider that some of the other panelists did. I'd also like to thank my three guinea pigs in the target demographic, who devoured about as many poems as candy canes in the past month. A special thanks to Anne Boles Levy and Kelly Herold for coming up with the idea of the Cybils and organizing everything.

I'll have to figure out what we can and can't post about our choices and negotiations, and write up a post or two on the consideration process, which I believe another blogger (I don't think on the poetry panel) compared to "sweating blood".

Another bonus of the Cybils: just before Christmas, the guinea pigs and I delivered a box of chocolates and some of the lovely hardcover children's poetry books of 2006 to a surprised and delighted librarian.

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