August 01, 2006

Late links

Here are some late links -- for books, curriculum, and other things -- that I'm only now, post-fair, getting around to posting:

Nicola's Canadian history reading list is back up but at a new home, thanks to Jyl;

Melissa suggested it in her Charlotte Mason post, and Amy ran with it: the new Charlotte Mason blog, in Miss Mason's own words;

News from Camille at Book Moot: author Jean "I Spy" Marzollo "has started a new series of books about the Greek myths. This is the second one. The first was Little Bear, You're a Star!: A Greek Myth About the Constellations, 2005 and a third, Pandora's Box, is due in September 2006." The new one, reviewed by Camille, is Let's Go, Pegasus! They both sound like great go-along for Story of the World, volume 1, not to mention first grade astronomy;

Jen Robinson's list of Cool Boys, at minimum 175 strong, and A Year in Reading's list of Cool Teachers. Jen is hoping for 200 boys to match the girls, and Year in Reading is hoping for 100 teachers. Put on your thinking caps...;

Kelly's children's book reviews wiki contains a wealth of information;

Galore Park's So You Really Want to Learn French Prep I and Skeleton French complete with CD are definitely, and reasonably, available through I know because my order has arrived and I now have the books in my hot little hands;

wisteria on grammar resources for children, including a review of the illustrated edition of Strunk & White's classic Elements of Style (spring for the hardcover -- trust me). And, in a similar vein, The Magic of Books has a brief review of the children's illustrated edition of Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss;

Some science items:
From the World's Fair at, a round-up of "children's books that are dear to you, either as a child or a parent, and especially ones that perhaps strike a chord with those from a science sensibility". And more on books and science, and science books, from the World's Fair here;

Science songs from old LPs, definitely predating Schoolhouse Rock;

Fuse #8 has a review of Kathleen Krull's latest in her "Giants of Science" series (including last year's Leonardo da Vinci), a picture book bio of Sir Isaac Newton;

Thinking Physics: Understandable Practical Reality by Lewis Carroll (really) Epstein, recommended on one of my WTM lists.

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