December 15, 2005

Charles Darwin Has a Posse

Many thanks to the Stingy Scholar for the link to the Charles Darwin Has a Posse sticker page, the creation of the very public-spirited Colin Purrington at Swarthmore (one of my college choices many, many, many years ago, though in the end I chose Vermont). Make sure you check out all the links, and don't miss this clever little item: "If you are reading Voyage of the Beagle, or are planning a trip to the Galapagos Islands, please consider using a bookmark that contains a map of the Galapagos as well as a recipe for a regional drink called canelazo."

I can't think of anything better for stocking stuffers for the whole family -- and not necessarily your own family -- than Charles Darwin Posse bookmarks, stickers, and tattoos (the temporary kind, of course).

As Darwin himself said, and as you can be reminded daily from a bookmark, "Doing what little one can to increase the general stock of knowledge is as respectable an object of life as one can, in any likelihood, pursue."

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