June 16, 2005

New blog on the block

Does the world really need another blog? No. But I thought I'd see if a cranky Luddite could manage one, and so far with blogger.com it does seem possible.

I also thought it might be nice to have a daily record of our life and our homeschooling journey, especially since I've had no luck whatsoever over the past 35 or so years with the usual pen and paper approach, and of course a place to pass along all the nifty links and sites one comes across.

The one problem I can foresee is having trouble getting comfortable and personal enough to write interestingly. I'm cautious (okay, paranoid) anyway by nature and nurture, having grown up in the mugging capital of the world, 1970's NYC, and between the Internet and having children am even more so.

1 comment:

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